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Bootcamp Pilates Franchise

Bootcamp PilatesBootcamp Pilates is a revolutionary fitness system which has kept Londoners in shape for over twelve years. Dubbed “The People’s Pilates”, because it caters for everyone, whatever their shape, size and ability, it helps people quickly attain the levels of fitness they desire. And it’s a lot of fun too! 
Bootcamp Pilates consists of group exercise classes taking place on 'Balanced Body Reformers'. Classes cost £14-£20 each and with 10 participants in each class and up to 10 classes per day, 7 days a week, the revenue quickly adds up. 
Bootcamp Pilates FranchiseThere are currently 5 owned Bootcamp studios and 2 franchises. We are looking to recruit new franchisees to new territories as well as sell 3 of our owned studios as 'established franchises'. 
Running a Bootcamp franchise is a rewarding and lucrative business opportunity. We are currently located in Central London and Windsor. We think that London could support a further 5 franchises and then we would look to expand into the home counties.  
We are confident that a franchise would work in most city locations around the UK as well as Europe. BCP focuses on busy, active, professional women (and men) with tight schedules, offering them an effective and pleasurable means of keeping fit in their daily routine.  
In a climate where people are increasingly concerned about their personal fitness, we offer an alternative workout for those wishing to avoid the gym and yet wanting to function at the top of their game.  
The unique selling point of this product is: people get addicted to our secret recipe exercise routines after a single session - guaranteeing return visits.  
The Evening Standard named us as one of the best Pilates organisations in London because our clients lose weight and gain muscle-tone, increased flexibility, and more defined abdominal muscles in as little as twelve weeks, thus leaving other ‘traditional’ Pilates practitioners behind.

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