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Care Franchise with a Difference


Release date: 29-Mar-2018

Promedica24 is a division of the Promedica group, which is the biggest provider of live-in care services in Europe. Simon Barter the Head of Marketing UK for Promedica24 is responsible for marketing their proposition to consumers and potential franchisees as well as provide support.

In a Hangout on Air event on Tuesday 27th March, Simon discussed the Promedica24 opportunity and what makes it different from the other care franchise opportunities out there. Click here to watch it.

Its important for someone looking to become a franchisee to be self-motivated enough to want to run their own business, and to earn a good income from their own efforts. The ideal franchisee is someone who is motivated by working in the sector that they choose, therefore their enthusiasm and drive will make them successful.

We are looking for people who have confidence and are happy to work with our proven system, importantly very self-motivated and entrepreneurial in the way that they make the most of it. They will want to really go forward in that area and grow their business, with our support and guidance. They need to be genuinely interested in the sector they are working in, because the care sector is truly unique compared to other areas.

Promedica24 have a proven system that has been developed across Europe. We are confident that following our training and ongoing guidance, someone can make a success of a franchise with us. Most people probably have relatives that need some care, they will know that the one thing no one wants is to go into a care home. Live-in care is a really good solution.

In most cases, in most care franchises, managing a care business is really tough because you are dealing with vulnerable people and lots of staff that are required to provide the level of care that the CQC demands. With our model we are looking for people who will develop the business and are more sales orientated, as you don’t have to be responsible for any of the care. We at Promedica look after that with our own care management team, which means you don’t have to set up your own care office or manage lots of care staff. That is what is so unique about Promedica24.

To work in the care sector you do have to have the sort of personality that works well with the people you are going to meet. In terms of potential clients, the networking you do in your territory you have to come across as someone who cares about the needs of the people you look after. When you are with a client, trust is more important than price, you have to be trustworthy.

In terms of training, there is both business development and the knowledge of care. You have to have a good understanding of how care is delivered by Promedica24. We fly all new franchisees over to Poland, where our head office is based, and take them through the whole process of how the care is managed and the care workers recruited. Back in the UK we have a dedicated business development manager allocated to each franchisee, who will help them with the model and on an ongoing basis to be successful with their business development.

We work with all our franchisees as a forum to share best practices, so you are part of an encouraging community. We also encourage collaboration within our franchise group of existing franchisees and new franchisees.

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