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Technology Franchise Opportunity


Release date: 16-Mar-2018

Franchise Director Ian Bradley has been with My Window Cleaner for 6 months. He has a background of over 25 years in franchising which includes helping to franchise several brands. He has been the chairman of the south west network group for the BFA, as well as a director and sat on the board for the BFA.

In a Hangout on Air event on Tuesday 13th March, Ian discussed how technology can be adopted into a traditional industry such as window cleaning. Click here to watch it.

My Window Cleaner does what it says on the tin but with a twist. The business was started by Karen Prewer after she encountered issues whilst trying to find a window cleaner.

What makes My Window Cleaner different is that we are a very tech led, well established business. We have taken revenues of 4.5 million, cleaned over 4 million windows and visited over 350,000 customer homes. We are also proud members of BFA and have ambitions to revolutionise the window cleaning industry.

We are led by four things: training our team, what our customers want and the services we provide, the want to be as efficient as possible and finally led by our franchisees.

We believe technology is there to be embraced, to make us as a business more efficient. Technology allows us to interact with people from different locations, we can provide training from wherever we are. We utilise Google street view and Google maps to provide quotes, now because of technology you don’t have to be in the same room as one another.

We outsource our customers to independent self-employed window cleaners and they have found that they are 30% more efficient working with us, because of the technology that we use.

Each window cleaner/franchisee has an app on their phone, it gives them their daily schedule in real time. It allows us to see where the team is, whether they are on time or struggling to get through their day. When the window cleaner, clicks the job completed button, it sends a message and paperless bill to the customer. This also means that it works out their accounts for them.

Our operation manual is in written, audio and video formats, as we understand that everyone learns in different ways.

With regard to technology and our customers, they can choose their preferred method of communication for us to contact them. We also use for customers to give us review our work.

In terms of further technology developments, if our business looks like it does today in 5 years time then we have failed you as a franchisor. We are creating a simpler more streamlined version of our bespoke system to make it easier for franchisees to use, we are also using photographic technology to attach before and after photos to the customers record.

A good My Window Cleaner franchisee would be someone who is passionate about the sector they work in, self-motivated and has a strong desire to grow the business.

We are looking for people to buy into and become a partner of our business and benefit from the growth of the brand. They should be an active brand ambassador, join in the team spirit of the franchise and be a friendly face on the doorstep as we are a people business.

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