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Transforming our internal culture – creating the Mark of Excellent Care


Release date: 8-Jun-2018

Caremark Culture CampaignLast month we launched our exciting internal Culture Campaign!

This amazing campaign has been many months in the planning and making and we feel very proud to be communicating our important messages to every member of staff in our company – that’s a lot of people – more than 105 franchisees, 29 head office staff and in excess of 4,500 operational staff!

This sets us on an exciting path which we think will revolutionise our brand from the inside out and this is only the beginning! The campaign will continue to roll through this year and into next, with a series of inspirational messages delivered via a variety of colourful and engaging literature.

It is well known that a company’s culture can make the difference in driving staff recruitment, satisfaction and loyalty. Keeping staff feeling valued, enthusiastic and proud of the brand they represent sits at the heart of a company’s culture. Our message to all our franchisees and their staff is all about:

  • who we are
  • what we have achieved as a brand over the last 13 years
  • the importance of our shared values
  • our unified vision of working together to become the number 1 home care provider in the UK
  • becoming the go-to care provider of choice and the company where people want to work.

We feel this sets us apart as an innovative, forward thinking organisation, placing great emphasis on its internal culture and the wellbeing of its staff.

It is important to mention also, that during our research phase, we really appreciated the valuable input and assistance by those franchisees involved. More importantly, we wanted to canvass the views of our valuable care staff on the ground, so we met with some of the franchisees’ teams and asked them for their thoughts about what the brand meant to them, how they felt about the wonderful job they do and what was really important to them. Here's what some of them said: “I love seeing the smiles”, “I love to make people laugh”, “although money is important, it’s not just about money.” While their managers observed: “They get something out of helping people”, “they are really knowledgeable and dedicated”, “they just have a caring nature.”

It was encouraging too, to see how pleased and interested our care workers were with the idea of being part of a bigger family and being involved in the process.

It is all about enabling our amazing care staff to understand and embrace the brand values, to experience greater job satisfaction and less stress, to feel proud of the uniform they wear, to thrive and feel happy doing the job they do.

If we want to become the best brand in the home care business we cannot do this in isolation. We need to work together, each person committed to supporting the other and working for excellence.

We feel that creating the mark of excellent care becomes a reality when we all engage, set off from the same place having the same vision, working as one team, with one goal. It begins and ends with each of us, but more importantly, our amazing hard-working care staff.

“That’s because it’s here,” says David Glover, our Franchise Director, “that we find some of our most valuable assets – those who are out there every day, caring for people and changing lives. It’s through their pride, satisfaction and desire to be the best, that we ensure the success of our individual franchisees and our network as a whole.”

We believe that if our care workers feel at home and valued in our amazing Caremark family, they will want to stay and encourage others to join. It’s important to us that our care workers hear, feel and understand that what we are doing is for them and realise they are important to all of us.

So, we feel our campaign will help each one of us to focus on the important things – to work with compassion, professionalism and integrity – no matter where we sit within the company. If we respect, trust and care for each other we will truly be working as one team with one goal.

That way we will be a brand which leads and inspires others follow, and indeed, a powerful force of good for those we serve, as we work each day creating the mark of excellent care.

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